Keep An Ear Infection Home Remedy Handy

As a parent, it’s a good idea to have an ear infection home remedy available. Raising children, though rewarding, can be difficult and expensive. Using home remedies to treat some of the more common childhood illnesses can help you save a lot of money and time that would otherwise be spent on the doctor. Sometimes it is necessary to take your child to the doctor but not always. It is nice to know that sometimes you can whip up a quick remedy, heat some soup, pop in a movie and be done.

Compared to several hours in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, surrounded by other children who are also sick, home remedies look better and better. Even if you are not domestically inclined, you probably have many ear infection home remedy ingredients sitting in your cabinets and never knew it. If you have hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, teething gel, mouthwash and vinegar, then you have the makings of several home remedies. Of course, they probably fill other duties in your household but give them a try as home remedies the next time your child is sick with an ear infection.

You will want to pat yourself on the back for avoiding the need to go to the doctor every time a child is sick. Some of the remedies are very easy and require no more effort than putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball or cutting up fresh garlic and placing it in your child’s ear. Be warned, however, that the raw garlic will burn so you may want to coat it with olive oil first.

Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar can take a break from their regular jobs and become a 50/50 solution that breaks down earwax buildup and dries excess water in the ear. The other ingredients listed become ear drops. Two drops of any one of them on a cotton ball will help cure an ear infection. If these sound questionable to you, you can always talk it over with your doctor.

There are many doctors that recommend home remedies for common childhood illnesses. They are most likely to do this if it is something that your child catches frequently. However, if you bring it up first, most doctors should be more than happy to go over the list with you and make suggestions. You can always try some of them on your own to see if they work as well. Either way, an ear infection home remedy will be very useful to have around.