Choosing a Natural Swimmers Ear Home Remedy

So you or someone you know has swimmers ear, but you would like to manage it naturally, and want to know how to go about choosing a natural swimmers ear home remedy?  This article is here to help you go about choosing a home remedy that is right for you.  There are different natural swimmers ear home remedies to choose from, such as aromatherapy, herbs, homeopathy, and even traditional Chinese medicine.

So how is aromatherapy used as a natural swimmers ear home remedy? Aromatherapy is generally used for a natural pain relief method for swimmers ear. A few drops of essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are placed in a medium such as an ounce of olive oil, mixed well and then rubbed on the outside of and behind the afflicted ears. Sometimes, the essential oil of tea tree is added to the blends as it is deemed to have anti-bacterial properties Aromatherapy is usually contraindicated in pregnant people, or people with other medical conditions as well as young children and babies.

Herbs are also used as a swimmers ear home remedy as well, as a way to reduce inflammation, pain, and to help the body boost its natural immunity. When herbs are used as a natural swimmers ear home remedy, olive oil is infused with an herb such as mullein and sometimes garlic. This oil is then rubbed around the afflicted ear(s) or warmed slightly and placed in the ear as ear drops.

Herbal teas made from herbs such as black tea, calendula, goldenseal and Echinacea may be made to drink to soothe the irritation that is usually caused as a result of swimmers ear. The herbal tea may also be used as a compress, by taking the warm tea bag and placing it against the ear, and a q-tip can be dipped in a mixture of calendula, goldenseal and witch hazel tea and the outer ear swabbed. Be careful when using any liquids as a swimmers ear home remedy for people that have or may have a perforated ear drum or any other ear injury, as this may cause more harm than good.

Homeopathy is used as a swimmers ear home remedy as well. Homeopathy comes in different strengths as well as formulas. Homeopathic remedies are usually chosen based on symptoms, but the 3 common homeopathic remedies for swimmers ear are: silica, hepar sulph, and pulsatilla. The remedies are able as tablets, drops and other applications, and may also come blended or as a single remedy based on the manufacturer.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is employable as a natural swimmers ear home remedy as well. The aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is used as a swimmers ear home remedy is acupressure and/or acupuncture. Certain points on the afflicted ear(s) are pressed with fingers, or a needle is inserted into the point to alleviate the symptoms and inflammation caused by swimmers ear.