Westcomb Outerwear Debuts Polartec® Alpha® Breathable Insulation for ‘Dynamic’ Activities

Notching another hit in their lengthy list of performance innovations, Westcomb Outerwear will debut two new designs featuring Polartec® Alpha® for fall 2013.

“Polartec® Alpha® is easily the most eagerly anticipated insulation debut of the last 20 years,” said Alan Yiu, president and lead designer for Westcomb Outerwear.  “The dream of delivering truly breathable warmth for active backcountry use is so significant, it almost overshadows the additional benefits of exceptional packability and dry time.”

Westcomb designs featuring Polartec® Alpha® begin with the Tango Hoody, a featherweight and durable jacket made with Pertex Equilibrium.  Ideal for high exertion activities in extreme cold, the Tango was created to work as a layering piece as well as a standalone shell (390g/14oz).

Westcomb will also introduce a sleeveless version, the Echo Vest, blending Pertex Equilibrium and Polartec® Power Stretch Pro paneling on the sides.  The Echo Vest will serve as the ultimate mid layer piece, delivering warmth along with wind and water protection.  (200g/8oz).

“The unique opportunity of Polartec® Alpha® is enabling the creation of warm, light and breathable backcountry pieces that can maintain a comfortable core temperature in extreme cold conditions,” said Yiu.
Polartec® Alpha® is highly efficient insulation fabric, based on the Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft technology platform.

The low density knit of Polartec® Alpha® provides a combination of unique performance attributes that are highly valued by outdoor athletes looking for versatility – namely being able to be worn in both the ‘stop’ and ‘go’ phases of outdoor activities.

For “moving comfort,” Polartec® Alpha® delivers twice the breathability, pack size savings of 36%, and 20% faster drying time, in comparison to leading synthetic insulation materials according to the fabric supplier.

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